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Business Operations, Development & Troubleshooting

Running an efficient and profitable operation requires a complex set of decisions and strategies, and the ability to identify and act upon profitable opportunities and areas for growth, improvement, and cost containment is critical to ongoing success. Our Team has over 50 years of combined experience helping companies achieve success, profitability and sustained growth. Whether your need is focused or broad, Spa & Club Ideations will work closely with your team to develop and execute a plan to help your company achieve its goals.

General Operations Management

  • Brand Analysis & Quality Standards
  • Business Analysis & Action Plan
  • Operations Analysis & Action Plan
  • Retail Analysis & Action Plan
  • Marketing Analysis & Action Plan
  • Finance & Budget Analysis & Action Plan
  • Staffing Analysis & Action Plan
  • Standard Operating Procedures & Documentation Development
  • Departmental Operating Procedures & Documentation Development
  • Staffing & Hiring
  • Employee Manuals & Job Descriptions
  • Training Programs & Documentation

Revenue Optimization

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis
  • Assessment of Current Revenue Streams, Channels, and Market Segments
  • Competitive Set Analysis & Reporting
  • Benchmark Rate & Goal Development
  • Comprehensive Multi-Stream Revenue Optimization Strategies
  • New Market Capture Strategies
  • Creative & Custom Revenue Enhancement Strategies
  • Weekly Review & Strategy Meetings
  • Revenue Enhancement through Focused Staff Training
  • Rate Adjustments for Compression Dates and Seasonal Variances
  • Corporate, National, Government & Military Accounts
  • Trend Capitalization
  • Consumer-Driven Revenue Opportunities
  • Team-Supported Change Initiatives

Expense Controls & Standards

  • Comparative Analysis of Company Expenses vs. Industry Standards
  • Budget Analysis & Development
  • Cost Containment Strategies and Pitfalls
  • Minimum-Impact & Profitable Cost Containment
  • Profitable Scale-Backs & Asset Reductions
  • Payroll and Staffing Budget Reductions
  • Strategic Contract Re-Negotiation & Vendor Competition
  • Cost Reductions through Volume & Consolidated Purchasing
  • Liability & Health Insurance Bidding
  • Team-Supported Change Initiatives

Third-Party Branded Operations & Managed Services

  • Third-Party Managed Services
  • Outline of Opportunities & Pitfalls
  • Proposals, Contracts & Financial Considerations
  • Independent Review of Third-Party Operations Standards & Services
  • Leveraging Partnerships to Enhance Guest Experience
  • Co-Branded Operations & Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Negotiation & Deal Closure
  • Third-Party Onboarding

Turnaround & Recovery

  • Crisis Management Leadership
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis
  • Budget Analysis & Development
  • Turnaround & Recovery Strategy Development
  • Guided Execution
  • Weekly Progress Analysis & Facilitation Meetings
  • Long Term Planning for Ongoing Growth & Profitability

Growth, Expansions & Acquisitions

  • Short Term & Long Term Growth Strategies
  • Brand Expansion & New Market Capture
  • Change Management Leadership
  • Budget Planning & Development
  • Capital Projects: End-To-End Development
  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Major Contracts & Negotiations
  • Strategic Partnerships & Co-Branding Initiatives
  • Talent Development & Grooming for Leadership
  • Trend Capitalization

Software, Systems & Technologies

  • Choosing the Right Solutions for Your Business
  • Change Management: Upgrades, Transitions & Data Migration
  • New System Employee Training
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Research, Feasibility Studies & Market Analysis

Spa & Club Ideations provides a full range of research, analysis and feasibility services to inform your decision-making processes.

  • Target Market Demographics & Profile Development
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Business & Competitive Set Analysis
  • New Development Site Analysis
  • Wage Analysis
  • Industry Trends & Future Concepts
  • Theme, Concept & Brand Analysis
  • Site Analysis for New Development
  • Utilization and Price-Point Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Guest/Customer Satisfaction Data Collection & Interpretation
Spa, Salon & Medical Spa Menu of Services & Product Line Development Image SCI
Spa, Salon & Medical Spa Menu of Services & Product Development

In the Service Industry, the products you offer and your menu of standard and signature services defines you and creates a lasting impression with your customers. Making the most of your spa or salon operation requires careful attention to your product & service offerings to ensure brand cohesion and maximum appeal to your target market.

  • Cohesion with Primary Concept, Brand, and Customer Profiles
  • Cultural, Regional and Theme Considerations
  • Trend Capitalization
  • “Less is More” Quality Product Line & Service Menu Development
  • Signature Professional and Retail Products
  • Signature & Specialty Services
  • Vendor Selection, Pricing & Contracts
  • Inventory Management
  • Product & Service Descriptions & Marketing Collateral
  • Product & Service Knowledge, Sales Techniques & Staff Training
  • Technician Training: Products, Procedures & Protocols
  • Guest Service Training: Guest Services and Standards
  • Retail Training: Sales, Merchandising, and Product Knowledge
  • Pricing, Packaging and Marketing
  • Menu Expansions
Retail Operations Image SCI
Retail Operations

Whether you’re adding a retail component to your operation or seeking to boost retail profitability, Spa & Club Ideations will help you achieve your short term objectives and develop a strategy for long term growth.

  • Retail Customer Profiling, Concept & Branding
  • Retail Customer Experience
  • New Retail Operation Design, Development & Launch
  • Detailed Analysis of Current Retail Operation
  • Strategic Planning, Objectives, Benchmarks, and Goal-Setting
  • Purchasing, Contracts, and Vendor Relationships
  • Inventory Management
  • Online & Offline Retail Marketing Plans
  • Standard Retail Operating Procedures & Documentation
  • Best Practices in Retail Management
  • Space Usage, Merchandising & Planogram Development
  • Accessibility & Adaptive Design Considerations
  • Product Line Selection & Expansion, Signature Product Line Development
  • Staffing, Hiring & Training
  • Product & Brand Knowledge and Effective Sales Techniques
  • Integration of Retail Sales Opportunities Into New & Existing Programs and Services
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Sales, Promotions & Special Events
  • E-Stores, Online Sales
  • Gift Cards
Marketing Plans & Strategies Image SCI
Marketing Plans & Strategies

With so many options and considerations to choose from, marketing your business can be a complex and expensive task. Spa & Club Ideations can help you focus your marketing efforts on the areas with the best return on investment for your business. Whether you need focused expertise or a full-scale marketing strategy, our team can help you make the most of your marketing budget.

  • Marketing Plan Development & Documentation
  • Business Identity & Mission
  • Marketing Goal Development
  • Brand Positioning and Development
  • Customer & Target Market Profiles
  • Core Marketing Messages
  • Marketing Media Selection Based on Target Market Profiles
  • Electronic and Conventional Newsletters, Emails & Contact Marketing
  • Print Marketing Materials & Promotional Collateral
  • Writing and Content Development
  • Web Presence, Blogs & Social Media
  • Offline & Online Marketing Strategy Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Public and Media Relations and Press Releases
  • Sales, Promotions and Special Events
  • Strategic Alliances, Partnerships, and Cross-Promotions
  • Incentives, Gifts, Value Adds and Loyalty Programs
  • Conventional and Online Advertising
  • Niche Marketing to Specific Market Segments
  • Cause-Related Marketing
  • Sales & Customer Service Training
  • Problem-Solving and Unique Solutions for Specialized Needs
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Staffing & Training

It has been said that your employees are your best and most cost-effective marketing strategy. We couldn’t agree more! We can help you build a highly effective and productive staff that supports company goals and a premium guest experience.
Staffing & Human Resources

    • Staffing Plan, Budgets, and Financial Goals
    • Wage Analysis
    • Compensation Packages and Plans
    • Employee Benefits
    • Hiring Policies and Procedures
    • Employee Manuals, Policies and Procedures
    • Job Descriptions and Functions
    • Executive and Management Recruiting
    • Staff and Technician Recruiting
    • Performance Metrics & Productivity Standards
    • Contracted Services
    • Staff Optimization

Training & Professional Development

  • Training Program & Documentation Development
  • Executive and Management Orientation
  • Staff & Technician Orientation
  • Executive & Management Mentoring
  • Company Culture Training: Managing the Guest Experience
  • Technical Training: Systems & Software
  • Technician Training: Products, Procedures & Protocols
  • Customer Service Training: Guest Services and Standards
  • Retail Training: Sales, Merchandising, and Product Knowledge
  • Sales Effectiveness Training
Guest Services & Member Retention Image SCI
Guest Services & Member Retention

Your guests and customers are the lifeblood of your business. Keep them coming back with consistent high-quality service they can rely on, a signature guest experience, and a planned approach to stakeholder engagement and excellence.

  • Branded & Signature Service Strategies
  • Customer and Guest Engagement Strategies
  • Customer Service Training: Guest Services and Standards
  • Technician Training: Products, Procedures & Protocols
  • Performance Standards and Metrics
  • Employee Excellence Recognition Programs
  • Loyalty Programs and Guest Recognition
  • Driving Engagement with Special Events and Promotions
  • Welcome Packages
  • Service Turnaround and Recovery
  • Guest and Member Experiential Mapping
Programming & Activities Development Image SCI
Programming & Activities Development

If your business thrives on guest participation in programs and activities, there are many options to improve and enhance guest engagement. Our Team can work with you to analyze current programming and identify areas of expansion for increased interest and community engagement.

  • Guest & Target Market Profiles
  • Program & Activity Budgets & Staffing
  • Facility Programming for Optimal Engagement
  • Scheduling Considerations for Optimal Engagement
  • Program & Activity Expansions
  • Engagement Solutions for Low Participation
  • Active Adult Programming
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Programming
  • Specialty Programming for Niche Markets
  • Special Events & Celebrations
  • Workshops, Seminars and Educational Programming
  • Trips & Tours
  • Enhanced Programming with Community Partnerships
  • Programming & Activities for New Market Capture
  • Program Communications & Marketing
  • Public & Media Relations
New Facility Design, Development, Construction & Pre-Opening Image SCI
New Facility Design, Development, Construction & Pre-Opening

From small retail spaces to full service luxury facilities, Spa & Club Ideations provides end-to-end project management, from initial concept development to opening day. Throughout the process, we’ll ensure that your project adheres to your vision and goals, and the concept and brand integrity that makes your business unique and drives continued customer engagement
Initial Planning

  • Facility Tour and Documentation Review
  • Client Vision & Concept Exploration
  • Effects on Ongoing Operations
  • Accessibility & Adaptive Design Considerations
  • Client Expectations: Budget, Schedule, Image, and Visibility

Concept Development

  • Naming, Branding & Positioning
  • Cultural, Regional and Theme Considerations
  • Ambience, Style, and the Guest Experience
  • Product, Service & Programming Concept Development
  • Mission Statement Development


  • Definition of Roles & Responsibilities, Procedures, & Schedule Requirements
  • Establishment of Communication and Authorization Protocols
  • Architect, Contractor, Interior Design & Landscape, Bids, Selection, and Approvals
  • Size, Space Usage and Flow Patterns
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Requirements
  • Integrative Interior & Exterior Design, Landscaping, and Operational Elements
  • Pre- and Post-Opening Considerations
  • Project Management Organization & Setup

Design & Construction

  • Team Coordination, Meetings & Status Reports
  • Design Considerations & Approvals, Value Engineering Process Management
  • Project Schedule & Management
  • Walk-Throughs & Intermediate Approvals
  • Menu of Services, Products & Programming Development
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) Specification & Procurement
  • Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) Specification & Procurement
  • Substantial Completion & Punch List Management


  • Pre-Opening Walk-Through & Review
  • Move-In Services
Pre-Opening Services Image SCI
Pre-Opening Services

When your first guests arrive, greet them with the level of operational excellence that you want to be known for. Our Team will work with you to develop and execute a full-scale pre-opening plan to ensure that everything is in place to provide a quality guest experience, the first day and every day.

  • Operational Start Up Plan Development & Execution
  • Operational Documentation
  • Staffing, Recruitment & Human Resources
  • Training & Professional Development Programs & Manuals
  • Sales, Marketing & Promotional Collateral
  • Retail Operations & Merchandising
  • Spa & Salon Operations Startup
  • Fitness Facility/Club Start-up
  • Guest Services Operations Startup
  • Programs & Activities Startup
  • Software & Technology Installation & Training
  • Troubleshooting & Transition Support
  • Team Onboarding & Pre-Opening Meetings & Events
  • Grand Opening & Ribbon-Cutting Event Production, PR & Marketing