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Find’em™ Scent Safe

Find’em™ Scent Safe is a scent collection and storage system that is intended to assist a search dog team with a viable and uncontaminated scent article of a missing person, regardless if they are missing, lost or facing a medical emergency and reunite them with their loved ones. Easily used by anyone, Find’em™ is especially recommended for children, older adults, those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or Autism, as well as hunters, hikers, and nature lovers. Find’em™ was developed by Dr. Coby Webb, a decorated Police Captain and accomplished handler and trainer of bloodhounds and other search dog breeds. Like the uniqueness of a fingerprint, every person has their own scent.

Find’em™ is endorsed by the National Police Bloodhound Association. Additional information may be found on

Our Involvement

Business Development and Operations
Directed a team of professionals in the development of a robust website with online sales capabilities. Implemented a very successful Public Relations initiative to the media along with developing marketing and social media platforms.